martes, febrero 12, 2008

De que lado estás Obama

Daniel Koffler en Reason dice que Obama podría ser considerado algo así como un left-libertarian. Nick Bradley en LRC somete a prueba el postulado contrastándolo con la plataforma electoral oficial. Luego de ver propuestas estatistas y no tanto, concluye:

So, is Obama a left-libertarian? No; Obama's platform is more akin to "Soft Paternalism", a gentler, less threatening approach to controlling people's lives (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Libertarian Paternalism).

In the grand scheme of things, Obama is far less statist than Hillary (socialism at home, hegemony abroad) and McCain (fascism at home, endless warfare abroad). If Obama wins the democratic nomination, I suspect he'll run with Bill Richardson (who likes market solutions on pragmatic grounds as well), as he can help shore up Obama's dismal support among Hispanics, which could cost him Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada (19 electoral college votes). Don't get me wrong: in a hypothetical match up in the fall between Obama and McCain, I'll either abstain from voting or write in Paul's name. But for the electorate as a whole, Obama would be the more liberty-minded choice over the statist, warmongering, ill-tempered and possibly unstable John McCain.

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